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Plug-in Hybrid Truck (PHET) Workshop Feb 13 in Los Angeles by WestStart-CALSTART
Feb 4, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Andy Frank's large SUV PHEVs show the benefits of electrification on large vehicles. Medium-and-heavy-duty vehicles are also be of great benefit: utility "bucket" trucks, school buses, refuse trucks, etc.. WestStart-CALSTART has long had a Hybrid-Truck Users Forum (H-TUF) group. This year, its Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Conference is preceded by a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Truck (PHET) workshop. The overall conference fee ranges from $550-$700; the PHET event is $75.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Truck (PHET) Workshop Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, Los Angeles, CA February 13, (9 am - 3 pm)

The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Truck (PHET) Workshop is a learning session to explore how the emerging interest in and technology for plug-in hybrids can be applied to medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and if it can, what is the market pathway that makes sense. The workshop is open to fleets, manufacturers, suppliers, regulators and others and will explore the barriers to plug-ins, their potential business case, and what the next steps would be for the technology.

Tentative Agenda:
Welcome/Introductions (9-9:15)
Jasna Tomic, WestStart-CALSTART

Status of PHEV - the Big Questions (9:15 - 9:30) Bill Van Amburg, WestStart-CALSTART

Early Actions (9:30 - 10:45) Sprinter Van: Matt Miyasato, Ph.D. SCAQMD Plug-in CNG Refuse Truck: City of Fresno (invited) Plug-in Hybrid Electric School Bus: Ewan Pritchard, Advanced Energy PG&E truck/Eaton/Ford: Efrain Ornelas, PG&E

The Current Analysis - PHET Feasibility/Benefits (11:00 -12:15)

Fuel savings and emission reduction potential of PHETs: Mark Duvall, Ph.D. EPRI Energy storage needs for PHETs: Ahmad Pesaran, Ph.D. NREL Duty and driving cycle effects on energy storage: Tony Markel, NREL Additional benefits of PHETs: Jasna Tomic, Ph.D. WestStart-CALSTART

Working Lunch (12:15 -1:00)

PHET- User Requirements and Perspectives - An Introduction Strategy (1:00 - 1:45) Preliminary user requirements/Different applications and platforms

Panel Discussion - Barriers and Opportunities for PHETs (1:45 - 2:45)

Report Out and Adjourn (2:45 - 3:00)

For more information contact Jasna Tomic at JTomic@...

To register, visit the WestStart-CALSTART website at:­programs/­chdvc/­2007CHDV/­2007_CHDV_REG_FORM.php

The larger H-TUF conference that follows on Feb. 14-15 is at­programs/­chdvc/­2007CHDV/­2007CHDVAgenda.php

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