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Volt Owners Say, "We're Keeping Our Keys"
Dec 3, 2011 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here's the latest version of the letter that's been evolving online for the past few days and has now started to hit the media, starting with Green Car Reports and the Detroit Free Press.

The first media reports of the letter found at­groups/­chevyvoltowners/ came from a roundup story at Green Car Reports with a link­news/­1070126_todays-volt-update-gm-buyback-owners-rally-sales-goal-unmet and in the Detroit Free Press, which printed the full letter­article/­20111202/­BUSINESS0101/­111202049 . More signatures and more media coverage to come!


Why are Chevy Volt Owners Keeping Their Keys?
Date: December 2, 2011

To the Media and Drivers Across America:

In light of the recent news stories regarding the Chevy Volt, we, as Volt owners, would like to set the record straight.

We are keeping the keys to our Volt. We love our Volt and we feel safe driving our Volt.

Volt owners are glad that the NHTSA, GM, and other manufacturers have now implemented protocols for electric cars in a variety of circumstances. Just as it is necessary to empty a gas tank after a major impact, it is necessary to discharge a battery pack after a major impact. This is a simple and straightforward process. Volt owners feel assured knowing that government and industry are working together to define and communicate this process for electric vehicles, just as they have done for gasoline-powered cars in years past.

We have done our homework and we know that there is no other car that offers all the advantages of a Volt. We take pleasure in the smooth driving experience. We get a thrill from the performance and acceleration. We feel at ease in its comfortable elegance. Perhaps most of all, we love the convenience and affordability of driving on electricity everyday, while also having the option of a back-up gas generator for long distances. This is the beauty of extended range electric drive. It's fun, it's practical, and it's the future that's available today.

Lastly, we encourage every driver in this country to test drive a plug-in electric car. The best way to truly know the electric car experience is to drive one.


Chevy Volt Owners (A Facebook Group of 224 Members); signers as of Friday afternoon include:

Jeff U'Ren, Volt 349 Barry Larkin, Volt 63 Kevin Mark Rooker, Volt 2386 Craig Fisher, Volt 2473 Scott Fauque, Volt 01234 Jack Lucero Fleck, Volt 575 Kelly Hendricks, Volt 1450 Chris Blake, Volt 989 Michael DiPisa, Volt 218 Brent Waldrep, Volt 3945 Jack Lucero Fleck, Volt 575 Shannon Arvizu, Volt 1631 Lyle Dennis, Volt 8 Felix Kramer, Volt 9 Craig Hydrick, Volt 2077 Billy Bell Volt, Volt 1928 Former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer M. Granholm, Volt 3748 Brad J. Horton, Volt 736 Alexandra Paul, Volt 5 Nathan Pinsley, Volt 784 Eric Rotbard, Volt 688 Ken Nelson and Mike Judd, Volt 1712 Yumiko Kato, Volt 2278 Matt Stehouwer, Volt 974 Brett Circe, Volt 169

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