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EVWorld: Advocates for 100+ MPG Plug-In Electric Hybrids Take to the Nation's Airwaves
Apr 25, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Source: EV World
[Apr 25, 2005]

SYNOPSIS: Flexible-fuel, home-rechargeable hybrids now in development in California offer the potential of freeing America of its dependence on foreign oil.

California Cars Initiative founder Felix Kramer and former CIA Director James Woolsey recently appeared on two NPR radio programs to talk about electric (plug-in) hybrids with the potential to deliver the equivalent of better than 100 mpg.

James Woolsey, an outspoken national security hawk and Toyota Prius owner, appeared, along with Dan Lashof with the National Resources Defense Council, Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and New Mexico Republican Senator Pete Domenici, on NPR's Diane Rehm Show­programs/­dr/­05/­04/­21.php to discuss the debate over the energy bill now making its way through Congress.

A central thread on that nearly hour-long dialog was talk of flexible fuel, electric plug-in hybrids that offer the potential to dramatically cut America's dependence on imported oil by shifting part of the nation's transportation fleet between now and 2020 to home-grown energy supplied by the power grid and sustainable biofuels like cellulosic ethanol. With the electric power grid providing some 85% of the average driver's transportation energy, coupled with flexible fuel engines burning E85 cellulosic ethanol, electric hybrid owners could get the equivalent of up to 500 mpg of conventional petroleum fuel.

California Cars Initiative founder Felix Kramer was the guest on Talk of the Nation's Science Friday­templates/­story/­story.php?storyId=4615724 in which he talked about his Palo Alto-based non-profit organization's efforts to develop the prototype of a conversion kit that will allow owners of certain model hybrid-electric vehicles from Toyota and Ford to operate from 10-to-30 miles on electric power only.

Both programs are archived on their respective web sites, to which EV World has linked. We have also archived separate MP3 versions of each program for the convenience of our listeners/readers. In addition, EV World has created a separate Electric Hybrid feature­electrichybrid.cfm which explains more about the concept and provides additional links to other resources.

# Felix Kramer / Science Friday (22 Apr 05)­evworld_audio/­sciFriday_CalCars.mp3
# James Woolsey / Diane Rehm Show Pt 1 (21 Apr 05)­evworld_audio/­diane_rehm1.mp3
# James Woolsey / Diane Rehm Show Pt 2 (21 Apr 04)­evworld_audio/­diane_rehm2.mp3

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