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Short Video and Conference Report on Toyota PHEV
Jul 31, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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In this four-minute video, with judicious use of the Pause button, you can see several aspects of the new Toyota Plug-in HV display screen, including breakouts of the amount of driving in EV mode and summaries of kiloWatt-hours used.

Two versions of this video: AutoblogGreen shows a larger-screen YouTube version­2007/­07/­31/­video-toyotas-plug-in-prius-test-drive-in-japan/­ and the original from Diginfo is smaller but slightly better quality:­2007/­07/­25/­07-0210-r.php

The Diginfo narrator appears to be summarizing information presented by Toyota at its New Powertrain Conference, including a report promoting PHEVs because they require smaller batteries, emphasizing their CO2 benefits (see Japanese-language charts), and stating that running costs for Japanese drivers decrease between 8% (daytime charging) to 41% (charging late at night).

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