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Big picture update
Apr 18, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The first two weeks in April have been remarkable for CalCars.

We've gotten good national media attention, at the same time as the attention in Washington to gas-optional or plug-in hybrids as a means to reduce energy dependence has grown significantly. We've produced our first general-interest flyer (available online for download and reprinting).

We're starting to get TV coverage as well, and the additional exposure is attracting more volunteers, entrepreneurs and others who want to help in some way.

Here's a first cut at a new summary of CalCars' big-picture goals (along with our allies and partners):

  • Gain recognition for PHEVs as a leading contender in national debates about energy and transportation solutions.
  • Get a significant number of high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities and early adopters behind the wheels of converted vehicles.
  • Develop and consolidate interest among fleets and individuals to demonstrate market demand.
  • Position PHEVs as a keystone component of a multi-dimensional strategy on global warming.
  • Until we get an auto maker committed to build passenger PHEVs, find other ways to get thousands of PHEVs on the roads.
  • Catalyze corporate, foundation and public resources to buy down the incremental cost over conventional hybrids for the first thousands of vehicles,
  • Convince an auto maker to improve its business prospects by meeting demand from buyers excited about clean, powerful, advanced cars.

The good news is that I see meaningful progress on many of these goals!

Thanks for your continued interest, help and support. Felix

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