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PHEVs at the Pre-Oscars "Green Carpet" by Global Green
Feb 22, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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There were quite a few different alt-fuel vehicles at Global Green's pre-Oscars event. The especially photogenic Tesla Roadster got much of the attention. The presence of three PHEVs made it into the Reuters lead on the story (below).

British actor Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy) and his friends drove the CalCars vehicle to the "Green Carpet" at the Global Green party, but no one snapped a photo.

The Reuthers story below was picked up broadly, and both TV Guide and Reuters India included photos of our car withGlobal Green USA President Matt Petersen:­News-Views/­Entertainment-News/­Article/­Default.aspx?idx=503823­news/­newsArticle.aspx?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=2007-02-22T162529Z_01_NOOTR_RTRJONC_0_India-288703-1.xml&archived=False

Green limo line at Oscars gets longer and sexier
Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:02AM EST
By Mary Milliken­article/­industryNews/­idUSN2133388920070222

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - From a plug-in hybrid car to the sexy electric Tesla Roadster, celebrities wanting to make a green statement on the way to the red carpet of the Oscars will have plenty of environment-friendly rides this Sunday.

Global Green USA has lined up 30 cars to shuttle the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Davis Guggenheim, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary on global warming "An Inconvenient Truth", to the star-studded ceremony in Hollywood.

The environmental group began the green limousine campaign five years ago at the Oscars to raise awareness among the tens of millions of viewers worldwide about alternative fuel cars, energy independence and solutions to global warming.

DiCaprio was among the first celebrities to take the green ride to the Academy Awards, the world's top film honors that will be given out this year on February 25.

"The past years we only worked with the hybrid cars and this year we really wanted to promote alternative fuels and different technologies that represent what's next," said Matt Petersen, chief executive of Global Green USA. <anip>

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