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Busy April-May for PHEVs; Catch NPR Science Friday on PHEVs
Apr 3, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Apologies to all for the multiple copies of one email from last week. We archive our messages at http://www.calcarsorg/­news-archive.html, but we had no control over the software glitch from our initial distribution via Yahoo Groups.

We have posted information about many new appearances in April and May -- from the Bay Area to Washington State to Texas to Brussels. Here are the first two (go to­events.html for links):

Alternative Energy Solutions Summit, featuring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Chair of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee 9am - 11am Monday April 9, 2007 Two plug-in Priuses (EnergyCS lithium and CalCars lead-acid) will be exhibited and available for test rides at this leadership event, sponsored by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and held at the AMD headquarters in Sunnyvale. Senator Boxer will be among those experiencing their first ride in a PHEV, and will later give the keynote address to Silicon Valley leaders and others in attendance. Attendance limited to 300, registration $50-$100, pre-registration required.

Step It Up National Day of Climate Action Saturday April 14, 2007 A call for action on climate change at meaningful, iconic places in communities across country; local event in San Francisco. CalCars' vehicles will be at the main San Francisco Bay Area event near the Golden Gate Bridge and at the Tiburon event in Marin County. Sign up to help organize an event or assist on the 14th at Step It Up was inspired by author Bill McKibben.

Hey, your Hummer ran over my Polar Bear! Saturday, April 14, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sports Basement Presidio 610 Mason Street For full schedule, transportation info, etc:­stepitup Join the Step It Up Expo and Rally celebrating green technology breakthroughs in car technology. Step It Up is one of over 1,000 national events calling on Congress to reduce global-warming pollution. The Expo will feature music, plug-in hybrid, biodiesel and solar demos, an electric-car rally, bike riders, refreshments and much more. Join the 2 p.m. clean-car and bike rally heading on 101 North to circle GM/Hummer dealership asking for PlugIn Hybrids-Not-Hummers Now!" Sponsored by Working Assets and Mainstreet Moms. Co-Sponsored by The California Cars Initiative,, Mother Jones Magazine, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug In America, Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco Bike Coalition, San Francisco Biofuels Cooperative, Sports Basement, Union of Concerned Scientists and Vote Solar

European Ele-Drive Conference Wednesday May 30 - Saturday June 2, 2007 (Brussels, Belgium) "On the Way to sustainable Development and Market Opening" CalCars Technology Lead Ron Gremban will present at EET-2007­; a Prius conversion may also be at this leading European conference. Thanks for logistical help from Jacques Marlot, a retired engineer from Belgium.

We've posted links to several recent TV appearances at­audio-video.html.

LISTEN THIS WEEK to NPR Science Friday's "Green Car" show keyed to the NY Auto Show. Guest include:

  • Sherry Boschert, author of "Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars That Will Recharge America"
  • Road and Track magazine Engineering Editor Dennis Simanaitis
  • GM VP of Environment and Energy Beth Lowery
  • Mark Goodstein, Auto X-Prize Executive Director If you hear it live (at noon on most NPR stations) you can call in with questions to 800-989-8255. It will be available online at and by podcast. (You can also hear our Earth Day 2005 appearance on Science Friday via the Audio-Video link above.)

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