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Watch PARC talk online (if you missed it live)
Oct 4, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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On Sept. 22, CalCars' Founder Felix Kramer spoke on "How Plug-in Hybrids Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time" at a Silicon Valley institution since 1977: the PARC Forum (held at what used to be Xerox PARC-Palo Alto Research Center).­cms/­get_article.php?id=483 is the description of the event.

Tech Lead Ron Gremban (who once worked at PARC) joined in for the Q&A and later demonstrated our PRIUS+.

You can view the hour-long event (streaming video)­cms/­get_article.php?id=483 or listen to/download a slightly shorter audio version (14MB MP3).­events/­forum/­media/­v1112.mp3

The first 6 minutes are the WNBC-TV clip, then about 25 minutes of talk (I can see now I was too serious); you can fast forward to 30 minutes of livelier questions.

You can get a good overview of our history and strategy from the 27-slide version of our presentation (1.6MB PDF).­calcars-photos-22sept05.pdf

See the event poster at PRIUS+ Photos.­priusplusphotos.html

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