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CalCars @ New Living Expo Sun April 30 San Francisco
Apr 25, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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New Living Expo
DON'T BE FUELED! Greener Transportation
Alternatives at the Crossroads - Which Way From Here?
Sunday, April 30, 2006, 5PM
Felix Kramer will join the "Green Transportation"
panel, hosted by Betsy Rosenberg of Air America's EcoTalk.
We expect there will be opportunities to see our EnergyCS PHEV AFTER the panel.

The Concourse at 635 8th St. at Brannan Street in San Francisco, ROOM 3

Join Betsy Rosenberg, host of EcoTalk Radio as she and fellow panelists navigate the emerging options for cleaner car technology, from plug-in hybrids to biofuels, and beyond. Together with her expert panelists, this presentation will explore smarter transportation options paving the way for a better road ahead. Learn how the Bay Area is driving the rest of the country forward, including Detroit, in accelerating innovation! Please join us - we promise you'll leave better informed, and hopefully motivated to make a difference in your community!

BETSY ROSENBERG / MODERATOR is an award-winning broadcast journalist and host of EcoTalk, the nation's only national commercial radio show devoted to sustainability issues. EcoTalk airs nationally on Air America Radio Network and locally in the Bay Area on KCBS 740AM.­ecotalk. Betsy is also the founder of Don't Be Fueled! - Mothers For Clean and Safe Vehicles, a grassroots campaign dedicated to increasing both demand and supply of hybrid and other alternatively-fueled-vehicles. <>.

SARAHOPE SMITH is a member of the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective; co-founder of BioFuel Oasis, one of the first B100 dedicated biodiesel stations in the country; founding member and board member of the Biodiesel Council of California. She is also an organizer for the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit.

ERIC BOWEN is Vice President, Energy and Director, Biofuels at Sigma Capital Group, a 10-year-old boutique investment bank providing investment banking services to the renewable fuels industry. Mr. Bowen is also the co-chair of the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) California Biofuels Team, and the President of the San Francisco Biofuels Cooperative, an all volunteer buyer's co-op.

AMY ZEHRING Studied biology at Mills
College. Prior to working at City CarShare, she
worked at the national headquarters of the Sierra
Club and volunteered at the Monterey Bay
Aquarium. In April 2005, she joined City CarShare
staff as the New Member Coordinator. Public
transit has been her primary form of
transportation for at least 3/4 of my life.

FELIX KRAMER is founder of CalCars, an advocacy and technology nonprofit startup devoted to commercializing plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). Felix has run a nonprofit energy conservation company, created a trade association for conservation businesses, and directed a three-day citywide solar energy event in NYC.

LAUREN T. KLEIN HAYES holds a Masters degree in Social & Cultural Anthropology from CIIS, San Francisco, and a BA in Philosophy from Scripps College. She is President of Don't Be Fueled! Mothers for Clean & Safe Vehicles and also serves on the advisory board of International Rivers Network and The Executive Co.

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