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PHEV Gains Momentum: Dec '04 to Early April '05 Milestones
Apr 8, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Following is a list of accomplishments by the main players in the PHEV "Community" in the past four months. (It doesn't include milestones in the "Heavy Duty" (larger vehicles) world.) Please let us know if we've overlooked something.

Thanks to everyone who has helped -- especially those who never come forward for credit and acknowledgment.

1. Policy Reports and Books
1.1. Bipartisan National Commission on Energy Policy (table 4-1 shows PHEVs as one of the best option)
1.2. The Short Path to Energy Independence by Lester R. Brown's has chapter on PHEVs and wind power.
1.3. Hydrogen Highway Blueprint includes positive references to PHEVs. (see page 9 of part 1 and page 84 of part 2)
1.4. The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy by Peter W. Huber, Mark P. Mills, often features PHEVs.
1.5 Testimony by James Woolsey to House Energy and Resources Subcommittee

2. Press conferences where PHEVs are mentioned or featured
2.1. Electric Auto Association endorses and funds CalCars PRIUS+ project
2.2. DC Sprinter PHEV has several press events in Europe at shows in Europe including EVS -21 in Monaco.
2.3. NRDC joins ACORE and six conservative think tanks on the Set America Free
2.4. 31 national security experts send a letter to the President on energy independence including PHEVs (Energy Future Coalition event).
2.5. City of Austin Adopts Resolution to Support PHEVs 2.6. Energy Futures Coalition speakers endorse PHEVs 2.7. Energy CS unveils plug-in HEV Prius in EVS-21 in Monaco

3. Newspaper, Magazine and Website coverage focusing on PHEVs
3.1. Austin Business Journal
3.2. Austin Chronicle
3.3. Automotive News
3.4. Business Week
3.6. CBS
3.7. Christian Science Monitor
3.8. Detroit Free Press
3.9. Dow Jones News wire on Lester Brown
3.10. E&E TV (capital hill TV) James Woolsey on PHEVs
3.11. Economist
3.12. Interviews on EV
3.12.1. EnergyCS: Greg Hanssen and Peter Nortman
3.12.2. James Woolsey
3.12.3. Jim Burns's PHEV sports car)
3.12.4. Roger Duncan
3.12.5. Valence Technology
3.14. Max Boot op-eds on 500 mpg PHEVs in LA Times and several other papers.
3.15. Metro Santa Cruz
3.16. Motor Trend
3.17. (on the Newsweek story)
3.18. National Public Radio
3.19. New York Times Business Section
3.20. Newsweek Editorial on 500 mpg PHEVs
3.21. Silicon Valley Business Journal article on PG&E and PHEVs
3.23. (on Huber and Mill's new book)
3.24. UK Auto Industry News
3.25. USA Today (reprints Christian Science Monitor)
3.26. has done many stories
3.27. Early April: Over 1,000 comments on various blogs and online communities
3.28. (the oldest PHEV website) traffic (unique visitors) peaks at 5,620/day on Sunday,
April 3 (Business Week/NYTimes weekend), before settling in at levels of 700-1,000/day, far higher than previously.

4. Newspaper, Magazine and Website coverage mentioning PHEVs as part of Set America Free (or related efforts by Woolsey, Max Boot, Frank Gaffney, Gal Luft, and others)
4.1. ABC
4.2. Baltimore Sun
4.3. Dallas Morning News editorial
4.4. Financial Times (UK)
4.5. Fort Worth Star Telegram
4.6. IAGS newsletter article called "Hydrogen or Electricity"
4.7. Lou Dobbs in US News and World Reports
4.8. Mississippi newspaper
4.9. National Review
4.10. Op-Ed by Tom Friedman in New York Times
4.11. Orlando Sentinel
4.12. Philadelphia Inquirer
4.13. Reuters
4.14. (as green as a Neo-con)
4.15. Wall Street Journal
4.16. Washington Post

5. TV Coverage focusing on PHEVs
5.1. 20+ stations carry Business Week TV show story - Andy Frank is interviewed
5.2. KTVU-2 Fox TV San Francisco
5.3. YourCall Radio KALW San Francisco

6. New websites
6.1. EV world launches new Energy Plug-in Hybrid Department
6.2. Set America Free website
6.3. Union of Concerned Scientists website includes PHEVs in chart.
6.4. First history of PHEVs at

7. EVS-21 Conference, Monaco, April 2-6, 2005
7.1. PHEV workshop -triple the expected attendance, with 15 speakers
7.2. Greg Hanssen presents paper, A Bridge to the Hydrogen Highway
7.3. Reports received that PHEVs are the "buzz" of the conference

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