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Everybody Loves Plug-Ins: National Endorsements for PHEVs
Jul 31, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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So many people have said so many nice things about plug-in hybrids this year that CalCars has spent 2006 in a perpetual blush. It seems appropriate to also update our "Endorsements" page with the latest and greatest. At­endorsements.html you'll find quotable quotes from the likes of:

George W. Bush Hillary Clinton Thomas Friedman Bill Ford Alan Greenspan James Hansen of the NASA Goddard Space Institute Orrin Hatch Barack Obama ...and many more

We've also used this potpourri of public patronage to produce our latest flyer, "Everybody Loves Plug-Ins" -- available in PDF format at­downloads.html (or via this direct link:­calcars-endorsements.pdf).

As long as we're on the subject of who said what, our "Car-Makers Say..." page (­carmakers.html) is tracking the increasingly frequent appearance of automaker comments in the press. The introduction to that page reads "How car-makers are responding to the plug-in hybrid opportunity." We're closer than ever (though not there yet) to changing it to "How car-makers are *taking advantage* of the plug-in hybrid opportunity."

If you know of or have access to a quote we've missed for either "Everybody Loves..." or "Car-Makers Say..." send 'er along to info@....


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