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PHEVs in Thomas Friedman "Addicted to Oil" Documentary, airing June 24 on Discovery Cable
Jun 15, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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CalCars and EnergyCS are in this new documentary that premieres at the Silverdocs film festival this Friday, followed by a cable broadcast on June 24. Following is a list of those appearing and a brief description of the film . We haven't seen the film, so we don't know much more than that we're in it. But the previews we've seen (URL below) look very compelling.

Richard Wagoner, Chairman & CEO, General Motors Corporation Elizabeth Lowery, Vice President Environment & Energy, General Motors William McDonough, Principal and Founder, William McDonough + Partners

Gary Bauer, President, American Values Deron Lovaas, Vehicles Campaign Director, Natural Resources Defense Council Anne Korin, Chairperson, Set America Free Coalition James Woolsey, Former C.I.A. Director

William Collins, Chair Global Climate Modeling, NCAR Jon Fox-Rubin, President, CEO FiberForge Amory Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute Felix Kramer, Founder, (California Cars Initiative) Greg Hanssen, V.P. Engineering, EnergyCS Bill Reinert, National Manager of Advanced Technologies, Toyota Motor Sales Sandy Spallino, Driver, Honda FCX Stephen Ellis, Manager Fuel Cell Marketing, American Honda Motor Co. Marc Cortez, Director of Marketing Solar Energy Solutions Group, Sharp Electronics James Dehlsen, Chairman and CEO, Clipper Windpower Paul Westbrook, Worldwide Construction, Texas Instruments Steve Penson, Construction Manager, Austin Commercial Shauna Sowell, Vice President, Manager Worldwide Facilities, Texas Instruments

The New York Times documentary unit is producing a one-hour program on geo-politics, the environment, and alternative energy solutions, to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel on June 24, 2006. The program will be reported by Pulitzer Prize winning foreign affairs columnist, Thomas L. Friedman and will explore his ideas for a "Geo-Green Alternative." This multi-faceted approach addresses the problem of Americans financing supporters of terrorism through our gasoline purchases, and points to viable options for decreasing global warming while strengthening the U.S. economy by stimulating American industry and innovation. As Tom puts it, "Green is the new red, white, and blue. It's not just for tree-huggers anymore, but for all patriots, strategic thinkers, and geo-politicians."

The documentary will examine a wide variety of developments taking place across the energy spectrum. In China, where environmental damage threatens the very survival of the nation, sustainable development and innovation in "green" technology has become a top priority government policy. In the process, the Chinese are becoming formidable competitors for new industries and the next generation of jobs as they create low-cost innovative products that will be in great demand. Another phenomenon is how environmental issues are bringing together "strange bedfellows" from across the ideological spectrum. Old time environmentalists from the left have teamed with prominent conservatives and leaders of the Christian right to protect God's green earth. They emphasize the need to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil as a national security necessity, pointing out that we must not only stop enriching governments that support the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, we also must protect our country against the potentially devastating effects of a sudden cut in energy supplies.

Other areas we will explore include hybrid car enthusiasts who are converting their autos into "plug-ins," and are getting 100 miles to a gallon of gas, and the current state of the hydrogen fuel cell. "Flex-fuel" vehicles can now run on an assortment of bio-fuels such as ethanol, which emits virtually no greenhouse gases and can be made from almost any bio-mass, like sugar cane, corn, even certain types of grass. (In Brazil, 40% of all fuel use by drivers is ethanol.) Solar, and especially wind power, have made great advances in practical technologies that are increasingly being used throughout the world. We'll also look at new "clean and green" coal plants that are being designed to sequester all CO2 emissions.

Climate change is no longer a matter for debate, but a proven problem of potentially catastrophic proportions. As Tom discovers in the course of our program, there is much we could do immediately, with technology at hand, to break our addiction to oil. In addition, developing technologies promise a future free of a sole dependence on fossil fuels - a truly post-oil era. It can be done, if we have the will and leadership to do it.

Previews at­id/­13231593/­site/­newsweek/­ Silverdocs listing:­2006/­films/­addic.aspx

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