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Put events in your calendars; see PRIUS+ on TV
Apr 18, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We'll soon have more details about two major events:

  • CalCars will be at the 11th Annual Clean Cities Conference,­palmsprings/­welcome.html sponsored by the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute and the US Department of Energy
    May 1-4 in Palm Springs, CA. We also expect that the EnergyCS version of PRIUS+ will be on exhibit at the conference.
  • CalCars also expects to have a presence at the Green Cities Expo, being held as part of the first time in 30 years that World Environment Day will be held in the U.S. June 1-5 in San Francisco, CA at Fort Mason's Festival Pavillion.

For your viewing pleasure, a TV clip and a PowerPoint show:

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