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Bay Area Reminder: Wednesday: Tamminen & Others at Forum
Aug 2, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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At this launch event for Plug-In Bay Area, get the latest information on the national and regional campaigns for plug-in hybrids -- and hear the Governor's Special Assistant on the Environment speak about how PHEVs fit into the overall state picture.

Following are the basic who/where etc. info; for more see July 24 event posting­group/­calcars-news/­message/­478 and June 23 Plug-In Partners update­calcars-news/­454.html.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Public Forum
MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Jack Broadbent, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Terry Tamminen, Special Assistant to the Governor on the Environment
Roger Duncan, Plug-In Partners
Felix Kramer,
Bob Graham, Electric Power Research Institute
Frances Dahlquist, PG&E

August 2, 4:00 p.m. Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street (between 4th and 5th), San Francisco

RSVP to Jodie Van Horn, jodie@..., Plug-In Bay Area Coordinator

Sponsored by Rainforest Action Network, Bluewater Network, PG&E, CalCars, Plug In America and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

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