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A/V Catchup: Lee Iacocca/Tom Friedman/Step It Up/V2G/Sherry Boschert
Apr 26, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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TV, radio and photos are also accumulating fast...

  • Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca, famous for introducing the Mustang at Ford and the minivan at Chrysler, has a new book out, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?" He was on Nationl Public Radio's Morning edition April 26, in a "Long View" interview about how Detroit is missing the boat and not realizing how much the market has changed. At minute two of five- minutes, he says,
  • "I've become a real fan in the last year of plug-in hybrids, hybrids that can be plugged in at night. I think that's the wave of the next five year, big-time, plug-in hybrids."

    Iacocca says auto-makers need to follow the market, which at this point means environmentalists and Al Gore's message about global warming. He calls for a Manhattan Project to get off fossil fuels. URL for the audio stream is­templates/­story/­story.php?storyId=9839029.

  • Photos from the Step It Up event in San Francisco featuring two PHEVs, a RAV4 EV and a Hummer, followed by a convey to the GM dealer in San Rafael to encourage GM to build PHEVs not Hummers:­search/­?q=calcars%20step%20it%20up&w=all Professional photographer Mike Kahn's photos are at­photos/­7839446@N06/­sets/­72157600078583277
  • From the April 10 Alternative Energy Solutions Summit, we have links at­audio-video.html to several TV broadcass. See Red Herring Magazine's story­Article.aspx?a=21955&hed=Plug-In+Hybrid+Demo'd+at+AMD+Event+&sector=Industries&subsector=Energy> and 4:30 video, including Senator Boxer, Felix Kramer of CalCars, Sven Thesen of PG&E and Charles Gay, VP at Applied Materials and former head of the National Renewable Energy lab­Article.aspx?a=21954&hed=Video%3a+PG%26amp%3bE's+Plug-In+Hybrid>
  • Author Sherry Boschert's hour-long talk about "Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars that will Recharge America" at Book Passages in Corte Madera is available for viewing (via Fora's elegant streaming video player, with sections broken out by chapter):­fora/­showthread.php?t=777
  • We've been hearing raves about the PHEV segments of NYTimes columnist Thomas Friedman's new documentary: Green: The New Red, White and blue, but we missed its April 23 premiere broadcast on the Discovery Channel. See press release­prnews/­070416/­nem092.html?.v=2. This is an expansion of his shorter documentary, "Addicted to Oil."

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