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Our Maker Faire Seattle car is running as a PHEV
May 1, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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One more milestone passed: When Ryan Fulcher left the Bay Area to drive back to Seattle last Monday, he was experiencing error messages when trying to charge the battery. Last night he discovered that the errors came from a faulty fuse-holder INSIDE the charger--so it wasn't even our team's problem!

You can read his entertaining technical description at the Electric Auto Association's Plug-In Hybid Discussion group. The message archive is reflected­group/­eaa-phev/­ and the local list is which you can join and then get posting privileges is at:­wiki/­Maillist

We still have a number of known issues to resolve. Technical issues are being discussed by Ryan, CalCars Tech Lead Ron Gremban and others at that group. And photographs of the event have links there.

Watch for Seattle events with the car--for now at­wiki/­Inaugural_Maker_Faire but perhaps eventually somewhere else on the eaa-phev website.

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