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PHEVs at SF Auto Show; Plug-Ins at EDTA Washington Dec 2-4
Nov 21, 2008 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here's information on a local event: see PHEVs at the San Francisco International Auto Show from now until Thanksgiving. Plus the schedule of the EDTA2008 conference in Washington in less than two weeks.

SF AUTO SHOW: For the fourth straight year, PHEVs will be on view at the San Francisco International Auto Show Sat, Nov. 22 - Sat, Nov. 29 at Moscone Center. The Auto Association of Northern California features a Greenlight Showcase with a plug-in hybrid Prius converted by Luscious Garage with the system from Plug-In Supply. Plus from 1-5PM on Sat/Sun and the following Fri/Sat, you can watch a live conversion with a system from Hymotion by Greengears.

Admission is $8; general hours are November 22-28, 10 am--10pm, 10-9pm on the final Saturday (the 29th). Moscone Center is at 747 Howard Street between 3rd and 4th St. If you're a local plug--in advocate, we encourage you to spend time at the booth answering questions from the public.

THE ELECTRIC DRIVE TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION'S EDTA2008 CONFERENCE & EXPO, "Powering Sustainable Transportation," in Washington Dec 2-4 will assemble much of the plug-in community at a time of change in the national administration. (We'll be there but not presenting.) We encourage you to sign up if you can be there, at . Following are some highlights.

Plenary Session Speakers:

  • David Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Karl Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer, GridPoint
  • John E. Bryson, retired Chairman & CEO, Southern California Edison; Senior Advisor, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
  • Jon Lauckner, Vice President, Global Program Management, General Motors (invited)

Energy Policy Roundtable:

  • Remarks by Sen. Byron Dorgan (ND)
  • Moderator: Monica Trauzzi, Managing Editor & Host, E&E TV
  • Edward Cohen, Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • Josephine Cooper, Vice President, Government & Industry Affairs, Toyota Motor North America
  • Nancy Gioia, Director, Sustainable Mobility Tech. & Hybrid Vehicles, Ford Motor Company
  • Thomas Kuhn, President, Edison Electric Institute
  • Tony Posawatz, Vehicle Line Director, Chevy Volt, General Motors
  • Mary Ann Wright, Chief Executive Officer, Johnson Controls-Saft

Breakthroughs in Energy Storage:

  • Moderator: James Miller, Argonne National Lab
  • Michael Andrew, Director of Government Affairs and External Communications, Johnson Controls-Saft
  • Sankar DasGupta, CEO, Electrovaya
  • Ric Fulop, Vice President, Business Development, A123 Systems
  • Ulrik Grape, CEO, EnerDel-Lithium Power Systems
  • Michael Reed, CEO & President, Electro Energy, Inc.

Renewables on the Road: Greening the Grid and the Highway with Plug-in Electric Drive:

  • Moderator: Marcus Alexander, Manager, Vehicle Systems Analysis, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Michael Delaney, Associate, DTE Energy
  • Jill Egbert, Manager, Clean Air Transportation, Pacific Gas Electric
  • Edward Kjaer, Director, Electric Transportation, Southern California Edison
  • Austan Librach, Director, Emerging Transportation Technologies, Austin Energy
  • Richard Lowenthal, CEO, Coulomb Technologies, Inc.

Action on Energy in the 111th Congress -- Views from the Hill:

  • Moderator: Monica Trauzzi, Managing Editor & Host, E&E TV
  • JJ Brown, Office of Senator Hatch (UT)
  • Mike Carr, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee Counsel
  • Christopher King, House Science & Technology Committee Energy & Environment Professional Staff

When Can I Buy One? Automotive Manufacturers Answer the Pressing Plug-in Electric Drive Question:

  • Moderator: Glenn Keller, Manager Vehicle Systems Group, Argonne National Lab
  • David Patterson, Senior Manager, Mobile Emissions, Mitsubishi
  • Kevin Czinger, Chief Executive Officer, Miles Electric Vehicles
  • Diarmuid O'Connell, Vice President, Business Development, Tesla Motors
  • Mark Perry, Director of Product Planning, Nissan North America
  • Sven Thesen, Utility Operations & Sustainability Strategy, Better Place

Next Generation Hybrids: Raising the Bar

  • Moderator: Michael Brylawksi, Vice President, MOVE, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • James Badalamenti, Director, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Enova Systems
  • Joe Dalum, Vice President, DUECO, Inc.
  • Steve Ellis, Manager, Fuel Cell Marketing, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • Ed La Rocque, National Small Car Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
  • Sherif Marakby, Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Beyond Cars: Electric Drive at Work Today: this panel will demonstrate how commercial fleets, local governments, small businesses and others are meeting their diverse transportation needs with battery, hybrid, and plug-in vehicle options.

Advanced Components: Batteries and Beyond:

  • Moderator: Jim Francfort, Senior Engineer, Idaho National Lab
  • Dr. Jim Hodge, Chief Technology Officer, K2 Energy Solutions
  • Mil Ovan, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder, Firefly Energy
  • Sylvain Pagerit, Transportation Systems Specialist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • - Rob Smithson, Vice President of Product Development, Fallbrook Technologies
  • John H. Weber, President & CEO, Remy International

Advanced Systems: The Keys to a New Transportation Sector:

  • Moderator: Dr. J. Ronald Bailey, Guerry Professor of Engineering, UT Chattanooga
  • Mark Duvall, Program Manager, Electric Transportation, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Stuart Evans, Director of Business Development, Delta-Q Technologies Corp
  • Jon Lutz, Vice President of Technology, UQM Technologies Inc.
  • Bruce Moor, Manager, Government Programs, Delphi Electronics & Safety
  • Dr. Herman Wiegman, Senior Engineer, GE -- Global Research

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