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AAA Greenlight Initiative Rally and Our New Photoblog
Jul 11, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We (by that I mean "I") spent Saturday participating in the AAA Greenlight Initiative Rally, a day-long alternative-fuel event reflecting AAA's growing efforts to publicize the next generation of cars. 15 vehicles of various types made the drive from Santa Clara to Sacramento, and were put on display for AAA members to inspect. Kudos to local AAA organizers for a well run event. No kudos to Sacramento for being hot.

15 vehicles included biodiesel, CNG, a RAV4EV, propane and lots and lots of hydrogen.

Short SJ Mercury News article about the event:­mld/­mercurynews/­news/­local/­15000111.htm

Also see the accompanying slideshow (quite artful), which is very CalCars-heavy, to say the least:­2006/­07/­08/­plug-and-play/­

Finally, this is as good a time as any to point out our new Photoblog --­photoblog -- which features a few snapshots of the Rally and other things. We participate in a lot of events and take a lot of pictures, but lack an appropriate outlet for said images, so we're trying this. In true Silicon Valley spirit, it's launching as a Public Beta, so you may find some kinks.


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