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Watch CNN report on Maker Faire Sunday -- or online anytime
May 7, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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CNN filmed the CalCars Prius conversion our team of 12 completed April 22-24. Our story shows up around 3:00 of a 4:42-minute report, along with actress Daryl Hannah, who went there as a reporter for Treehugger TV but was then interviewed by CNN's Daniel Sieberg.

The story on the Maker Faire has aired today and is scheduled to run again during the 6PM show Sunday (Eastern times). But it could be pre-empted, and could run at other times on CNN or Headline News.

The surest way to see it is to watch the streamed version at­pipeline. That's CNN's video-on-demand service: search by reporter's name "Sieberg" to find story, "A roomful of MacGyvers." If you don't already subscribe to Pipeline, you have to sign up for a day viewing or for a two-week trial period, during which you can cancel the service, after which you'll be charged.

(For background on the event, see http://www.calcars/­org/­makerfaire/­ and http://www.eaa-phev.)

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