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Update: PRIUS+ at SF International Auto Show: Sat 19 Nov-Sun 27 Nov
Nov 18, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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(Please forward this new and updated information) For tens of thousands of people coming to the 48th Annual San Francisco International Auto Show to see and dream about cars, the first one they will see as they get off the escalator at Moscone Center will be CalCars' PRIUS+.

That's thanks to sponsorship from the four-million member Auto Association of Northern California, which is focusing its "Greenlight Initiative" on future clean cars, starting with hybrids. The show is from Sat. Nov. 19- Sun. Nov. 27 (including Thanksgiving), 10AM-10PM except 10-8 closing day, at 747 Howard Street, adults $8, accompanied children under 12 free.

Marc Geller, a co-founder of, will be at our booth for several hours most days, explaining the benefits of electric transportation and our campaign to motivate car makers to build plug-in hybrids. His expected hours are Sat 11-4, Sun 11-4, (not Mon-Weds), Thurs 5-8, Fri 12-5, Sat 12-5, Sun 12-4.

If you live in the Bay Area, this could be your opportunity to help explain to consumers the environmental, energy security and economic benefits of flex-fuel plug-in hybrids. You're welcome, during peak hours when Marc will be there or anytime, to come to the booth to talk with other show attendees -- not as an authorized spokesperson, but as an unofficial advocate. We'll be handing out copies of two double-sided flyers:

  • Talking Points plus Graphic,
  • We Can Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time
  • Available on request will be our "selected mix" collection of news clips and flyers -- just expanded to 28 pages to include full-page ads from Plug-In Austin, the Plug-In Hybrid Consortium and EDrive. (You can also view/download these documents at­faq.html.)

Here's the CSAA press release:­global/­articledetail/­0,1398,1008010000%257C5641,00.html.
Also today, CSAA also announced that in partnership with CALSTART, they
will offer a searchable directory at
to enable consumers to locate alternative fuel stations of all sorts,
ranging from electric charging to natural gas to hydrogen.

Here's the transcript for the 60-second KNBR-AM radio ad that references Greenlight and the PHEV (or listen to it at­sf-auto-show-aaa-60.mp3).

As long as there has been driving in San Francisco, there's been Triple-A. Now, as a proud sponsor of the 48th annual San Francisco International Auto show, Triple-A is offering these special discounts.

Triple-A members can visit Triple-A dot com and get a coupon for two tickets for the price of one for November 21st, 22nd and 23rd. And everyone who stops by the Triple-A booth for an auto insurance quote will get a free gas card worth five dollars.

You can also learn about the Greenlight initiative, Triple-A's new program designed to answer all of your questions about hybrid cars and alternative fuels.You'll get all the latest information on fuel cells and other new fuel technologies, find out where you can see the very latest hybrid models, and even get an up-close look at a prototype hybrid car that can be plugged in.

Please visit our booth at the 48th annual San Francisco International Auto Show, Saturday November 19th, through Sunday the 27th at Moscone Center. See over eight hundred 2006 cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.

Triple-A. And on you go.

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