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CalCars gets support from Pacific Gas & Electric
Dec 15, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The California Cars Initiative has with great pleasure received a contribution from Pacific Gas and Electric for the purpose of "educating Californians on the benefits of plug-in hybrids".

This grant was made possible by the utility's Clean Air Transportation Program. PG&E has one of the nation's largest fleets of low-emission vehicles. It is working to encourage plug-in hybrid technology and has been in the forefront of efforts to promote the expansion of portfolios of renewable fuels for power generation. The company is the single largest participant in California's energy efficiency program, which at $2B is the largest in the nation.

We couple this announcement with the year-end reminder that your tax-deductible contributions can make a huge difference in enabling us to reach our mutual goals. We remain a shoestring effort with almost no budget for travel, conferences, or sustainability for our two full-time near-volunteers.

You can help us capitalize on the momentum we've gained in 2005, You can give by credit card, check or PayPal. $25 or more gets you the bumper sticker shown at CalCars Sponsor­sponsor.html. For $95 you become a Charter Sponsor. Gifts in the three figures are highly appreciated. Donations in the four-to-five figures will get you a phone call from CalCars' Founder Felix Kramer or Technology Lead Ron Gremban and, schedules permitting, a ride in a plug-in hybrid.

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