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Technical Photos of Plug-In Hybrids and Components
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Display on Felix Kramer's Chevy Volt after a January 2011 morning of mixed highway driving. Full size photo

Over 1300 miles on one tank!
Dave in Seattle, driver of a Prius converted by Hybrids-Plus of Colorado, has the highest total miles on a tankful of gasoline in a PHEV (as far as we know) See our July 31, 2007 CalCars-News posting. Full-size photo

Over 1000 miles on one tank!
1034+ miles on a tank! (It would have been better but it included a long round-trip to Sacramento.) Full-size photo

Display showing 99.9 miles per gallon
When Toyota builds PHEVs, they'll have to modify their display to show over 100 MPG. Full-size photo

Typical performance for a "mixed" driving day (highway and local). Until the battery gives out after 50.8 miles, we get 85MPG equivalent or 3.5 cents per mile — about half the cost of a standard Prius. (Assumptions: $3 gasoline, $0.09/kWh electricity) Full-size photo

EnergyCS converted Prius battery pack
Lithium-ion battery pack in CalCars' EnergyCS/EDrive converted Prius. Full-size photo

CAN-View on the PRIUS+
Image of the CAN-View system used to monitor and control the state-of-charge and other factors in Ron Gremban's updated PRIUS+. Full-size photo

EDrive/EnergyCS display unit on dashboard
EnergyCS's Control/Display Unit is in front of the driver, who doesn't have to look at all for everyday driving. Standard Prius display continues to work, showing all-green (fully charged) much more frequently. Non-enabled blank "EV button" is to the left of the steering wheel. Full-size photo

Felix's PHEV charges at night; SunPower's photovoltaic modules (installed by REgrid Power) return electricity to the grid in the daytime. In Phase Two, a "vehicle-to-home" (V2H) system designed by CalCars and REgrid will connect the car's batteries directly to the PV system, providing home backup power for extended outages. Full-size photo

Battery crew with the world's first plug-in hybrid, the PRIUS+
PRIUS+ team: we built the first PRIUS+ conversion Sept 11-22, 2004, starting with a low-cost lead-acid battery pack. Pictured are (L-R) Ron Gremban, Felix Kramer, Marc Geller, Kevin Lyons, Andrew Lawton. See About CalCars for names of those who helped but are not pictured. Full-size photo

updated lead acid battery pack
Updated battery installation in the PRIUS+ (summer 2006), with lucite display case and new integration. Full-size photo

original plug-in Prius battery pack
The CalCars 2004 PRIUS+ prototype's lead-acid pack — to read labels see larger photo.

Toyota's "EV Button" that led to online discussions and helped inspire CalCars' PRIUS+ project. (Found in 2004 and 2005 Priuses, also in Highlander and Lexus hybrids, it's positioned to the left to the steering wheel, labelled and enabled in Asia and Europe, blank and disabled in US. It provides about a 1-mile electric only range at low speeds. If you're interested in the story, see "Information if you're technically inclined" at PRIUS+.)

Cockpit of an instrumented (but not yet converted) Ford Escape Hybrid. Full-size photo

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