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Felix Kramer with Chris Paine, director of Revenge of the Electric Car, at its SF premiere on Nov 6, 2011
CalCars' Felix Kramer with Chris Paine, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car," at the November 6 San Francisco premiere of that film's sequel, "The Revenge of the Electric Car." The very-well received new documentary includes a major focus on the Chevy Volt and on Left Coast Electric's founder "Gadget," who converts gas-guzzlers to plug in. Full size photo

Green Car Journalists and Felix Kramer at the 2010 EDTA Conference in Washington D.C.
At the Electric Drive Transportation Association's Conference in Washington, D.C., January 2010, the diligent journalists who cover green cars: Brad Berman (Hybrid, Michael Millikin (, John Voelker and IEEE Spectrum), Sebastian Blanco ( and Felix Kramer (CalCars-News) Full size photo

LATimes Rumble Seat columnist Dan Neil and GM's Dave Barthmuss at Santa Monica's AltCar Expo, September 2008
Pulitzer Prize winning automotive journalist Dan Neil, who writes the Rumble Seat column at the LA Times, with Dave Barthmuss Group Manager for General Motors' Western Region, Environment & Energy Communications team, September 2008 at the AltCarExpo in Santa Monica, CA. At his presentation, Neil announced, "I've bought my last gasoline vehicle." Full size photo

Joel Makower, Founder and  Executive Editor of, February 2006
Joel Makower, leading figure in the sustainable business/clean-tech venture and green markets world, Founder and Executive Editor,, co-founder of the Clean Edge publishers and consultancy, and author of the perceptive blog, "Two Steps Forward". Full size photo

Chuck Scarborough of WNBC-TV with Felix
Emmy Award-winning longtime New York Cikty news anchor Chuck Scarborough of WNBC-TV came West in Feb. 2007 to update his August 2005 report on PHEVs. Ht gets a special mention because his six-minute story is our favorite at CalCars Audio and Video. We'll link to the updated report when it's available. Full size photo

Media await President Clinton at UCLA, Oct '06
Media await President Clinton's tour of a PHEV at UCLA, October 2006 Full-size photo

Thomas Friedman, Greg Hanssen and Felix Kramer with an EDrive plug-in hybrid
Greg Hanssen of EDrive, Thomas Friedman of the NY Times and Felix Kramer during the January 2006 filming of Friedman's documentary Addicted to Oil. Full-size photo

KTVU compares Felix's original with Ron's converted Priuses, April '05
April 2005: KTVU featured a "before" (Felix Kramer's car a year before its conversion, April 2005) next to an "after" (Ron Gremban's car, first PRIUS+) at San Francisco's Presidio. Full size photo

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