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Flying Prius When Cars Fly: Send CalCars to Washington!

We're bringing our PHEV Prius to Washington on May 17-18. No PHEV has been on public display in our nation's capitol. This trip could be the tipping point in awareness among legislators and the media.

and help us get there!

It's going to cost $25,000 to fly our car to DC (this includes carbon credits to offset flight emissions). If you think PHEVs must happen as soon as possible, we need your help now! Read the full details on what you'll be sponsoring at Felix's blog.

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  • $5,000 gets you and your friends a ride;
  • $1,000 gets you a call from Felix Kramer or Ron Gremban to answer your questions;
  • $95 makes you a Charter Sponsor;
  • $25 gets you a bumper sticker;
  • $10 means you're doing your part.
We hope to get a match for every dollar you give to help get us there faster! Thanks in advance for your part in putting the kind of car you want into the fast lane -- to DC and beyond.

(To pay by check, visit our Sponsor page.)

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