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January 2008: CalCars Announces CalCars 2.0,
Launches Search for Project Coordinator.

After five years, The California Cars Initiative ( has put plug-in hybrids on the map. Now we're bringing on an entrepreneur/manager to take our campaign to the next level. This Palo-based nonprofit startup of entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and consumers has so far concentrated on advocacy and technology demonstrations. Our work has helped spark the formation of new organizations ranging from the Plug-In Partners soft-buy order campaign to's RechargeIT, and has contributed to automakers' decisions to announce the Chevy Volt, Toyota Plug-In Prius and other plug-in cars, expected in the next decade. Now we're expanding, building on our momentum, contacts and visibility. We will organize, support and coordinate many semi-autonomous projects to broaden awareness and support and speed mass-production of plug-in cars.

Transforming the enormous and slow-to-change automotive industry is an ambitious goal, and finally approaching success is very gratifying. Some people who've worked on the plug-in campaign have described the experience as the most satisfying and meaningful thing they've ever done. For some it's led to a range of new business opportunities. We're looking for a Project Coordinator who is interested in becoming the COO/Executive Director of the new CalCars. To start, this is unavoidably a volunteer part- or full-time position, but it will soon evolve to a compensated full-time. See all the details at calcars-news/907.html.


Jobs at CalCars (mostly volunteer for now)

CalCars has two full-time people (plus many volunteers and partners). Imagine what we could do if we had five more!

Until we can raise more money, these positions are for volunteers. (In some cases, small stipends may be available, and we hope to be able to pay reasonable rates in the future.) Most can be part-time, or one person can hold two positions. Although we frequently work long-distance, for these positions, we're primarily looking for people who are in the San Francisco Bay Area at least two days a week.

To apply, please send an email that includes the job title in the subject line, plus a thoughtful cover letter followed by a pasted copy of your resume to NO ATTACHMENTS, PLEASE, though URLs linking to more information are fine.

Get involved with a GreenTech opportunity that's ready to move to the next stage. Help this non-profit group work with supplier partners and develop short- and long-term strategies and business plans. We aim to spin off or sponsor a company to accelerate the commercialization of PHEVs, and perhaps accumulate related intellectual property. We're looking for one or two veteran executives or serial entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. The ideal profile combines business and engineering backgrounds; automotive experience would be even better!

Fundraiser/Grant Writer
Help identify funding opportunities, develop boilerplate and submit proposals, including government and corporate RFPs, foundation grants and project presentations to high-net-worth individuals, and communicate with existing donors. Possible commission-basis.

Communications Director
Manage our promotional media efforts, represent the campaign at public events, plan marketing campaigns, develop new collateral materials, negotiate and work with outside multi-media partners. Represent the campaign at public events; help update News Archive. You should be high-energy, well-organized, detail-oriented, hype-averse.

Our flyers and documents are constantly evolving, and our website could use work. We need one or more people who are aces in GoLive/InDesign/Photoshop/PowerPoint (or equivalents in some cases). Writing skills an enormous plus.

Campaign Organizer/Networker
Experienced coalition builder/advocate/public speaker; enthusiastic promoter of our issues and campaigns, able manager of volunteers. We have creative campaigns that are ready to go but need managers!

Policy Analyst
Public policy writer/networker to collaborate with local, state and federal agencies, advocacy groups, legislators and analysts on PHEV-related issues.

Battery Engineers
Experienced engineers who want to demonstrate amazing solutions! Must have an interest in (even better, experience with) batteries and power electronics—to investigate and test new components, design and try out new battery packs, chargers and battery management electronics.

Well-organized, hands-on staffer to coordinate technical projects, events, volunteers, administrative functions.

Handle accounts, cash-flow projections, non-profit tax filings.

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