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ENDORSE: "The Big Fix: 16 Founding Points & Endorsement Form for the Campaign to Upgrade Gas Guzzlers."

HELP IDENTIFY: "Finding the Serial Entrepreneur to Lead a Global Gas-Guzzler Conversion Industry."

• 23-slide PDF of "How Gas-guzzler Conversions Can Accelerate Transportation Electrification", presented by Ron Gremban at EV 2010 VE in Vancouver.
• 18-slide PDF of "What codes, standards, & regulations are needed for conversions?", presented by Ron Gremban at EV 2010 VE in Vancouver.
• 12-slide PDF of "Cost Projections and a Rule of Thumb for both New Plug-in Vehicles and Conversions", technical presentation by Ron Gremban at Plug-In 2010 analyzes Energy Efficiency Ratios, battery costs and rules, conversions.
• Transcript of Felix Kramer's remarks on gas-guzzler conversions at Plug-In 2010.
• Download 10 minutes of Felix Kramer's remarks at "The Business of Plugging in Conference" October 2009 in Detroit. A pdf transcript is also available.
• 24-slide PDF of "Beyond New Plug-Ins: Fixing Gas Guzzlers" -- (updated for Detroit conference). Download mp3 audio and/or a transcript of Felix Kramer making an earlier version of this presentation in Montreal in September 2009.
• 16-slide technical presentation, "Accelerating Vehicle Electrification," on Gas-Guzzler Conversions. Download mp3 audio of Ron Gremban making this presentation to California Energy Commission September 2009 workshop on 2010-11 Alternative Fuels Investment Plan (Electric Drive Vehicles).

White Papers:
• "Cash For Clunkers Paves the Way to Retrofit Gas Guzzlers" explains why scrappage programs and incentives for conversions are a good match (html version with link to PDF version).
• The draft paper "Conversion Technologies and Costs, Aug 2009" explores the expected costs of various conversion technologies in volume production.

Posters and Flyers:"
Global Business Opportunity Converting Large Combustion Vehicles
Technologies for Affordable, Profitable Conversion of Combustion Engines
The 21st Century Clean Car Industry: Fixed in the USA" explains why we need gas-guzzler conversions and how automakers and dealers can gain new revenue streams from fixing cars they've already sold. Also see html version at

Video: Felix Kramer makes the case for conversions in front of San Francisco City Hall, March 2009 (1:45)

BELOW: Other resources explaining why we need to convert internal combustion engine vehicles -- especially what former Intel CEO Andy Grove calls "PSVs" (Pickups, Sport Utility Vehicles and Vans). We start with news items, our research report, a video, and links to pioneering entrepreneurs building companies to make this happen: Via Motors | ALTe Powertrain Technologies | AMP Electric Vehicles | Electric Motor Werks | Liberty Electric Cars | Wrightspeed | Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies | Motiv Power Systems | Efficient Drivetrains | Bharat Forge | EV Power Systems | LincVolt | ElectraDrive | Zero Sports | Poulsen Hybrid | Potential Difference | Clean Vehicle Research Institute.

Recent News Items

02/06/12:Thanks, Sierra Club, For Coming Clean on Natural Gas
09/30/11:Top Car Leader Bob Lutz Joins Via Motors & Other Conversion News
09/23/11:Corrections + Wrightspeed + Transcript of GreenDriveExpo Talk
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05/17/11:Plug-In Roundup #3: Policy Issues / ICE Conversions
03/11/11:Woolsey Backs Gas-Guzzler Retrofits; Cheaper Volt?; Ron's Bittersweet Volt Moment
12/09/10:Plug-ins Starting to Arrive; More Thoughts on PHEVs & EVs; Congress & Incentives
11/17/10:Electrification Coalition Touts Fleets (and Fleet Conversions)
10/04/10:Our Message to the Oil Industry: Blue-Skying Petroleum's Future
09/28/10:AMP's Mystery Partner; O'Dell Surveys The Conversion Scene; Birthday News
08/23/10:Gas-Guzzler Conversions & The Urgent "Plan Z" We May Face Someday
08/20/10:Media Coverage of Gas-Guzzler Conversion Companies Grows
08/04/10:What We Showed and Said at Plug-In 2010
07/21/10:New Aftermarket Conversion Companies Keep Coming to Our Attention
06/21/10:Followup Speech: Drive Star Can Cut Oil Use in Half by 2020
06/21/10:Roundup: The Best We've Seen/Read on The Gulf, Obama, Fossil Fuels
06/13/10:President's 2nd Message: We Can Cut Oil Use in Half by 2020
05/18/10:Canada Recruits Ali Emadi, US Power Electronics Expert and Conversion Firm Founder
05/06/10:Gas-Guzzler Conversions Offer a Way Out of Deep Water Drilling
02/25/10:ALTe Gains Orders/Financing/Facilities for Combustion Engine Conversions
02/25/10:Finding the Serial Entrepreneur to Lead a Global Gas-Guzzler Conversion Industry
01/25/10:At Last: Congress Proposes to Electrify Postal Fleet
01/25/10:2009's Best Strategy/Analysis: Electrification Coalition's Roadmap
01/08/10:2010's Triumphs & Challenges for Plug-In Vehicles
11/12/09:Advances by Converter Firms/Converj/Ampera /Fisker/Piaggio; Retreat by Chrysler
11/05/09:CalCars Declares Plug-In Victory; Next: Fun Factor + Retrofits
10/17/09:Conversions: Endorse CalCars' Campaign; Companies Get Orders; SEMA's role; Black Carbon
09/01/09:Important Developments on Hybrid and Gas-Guzzler Conversions
08/11/09:The 21st Century Car Industry: Fixed in the USA
06/10/09:Spotlight on Conversions: 70 MPH Prius and Hummer PHEVs; Gas Guzzlers; CA Air Board Regulations
04/29/09:Read Our Analysis & Think Differently About Scrapping and Converting Gas Guzzlers
03/27/09:Our New Guzzler Video; Other Media; Apply for US Billions; GM Book; Correction
01/21/09:Our Testimony on Conversions Bolstered by 140+ Thoughtful Appeals
11/12/08:Multiple PHEV Conversion Solutions Gain Momentum
10/03/08:Should We Crush Gas-Guzzlers? Or Convert Them to Plug In? An Analysis
09/20/08:Another F-150 Conversion company (Envia Rapid Electric Vehicles)
08/04/08:Andy Grove's Ambitious Conversions Goals at Plug-In 2008
07/28/08:PI-08: Company News: GM/V2Green/Coulomb/Google/HEVT/PlugInSupply
07/13/08:Andy Grove in Washington Post; Volt, Tesla Other Reports
06/27/08:AP Interviews Andy Grove on PHEVs
06/10/08:Tech Giants Andy Grove and John Gage Promote PHEVs

Our Research Analysis

From our new research analysis, "Scrap or Retrofit Clunkers," here are two charts showing why we need to convert existing vehicles to plug in to get near-term energy security and CO2 benefits. For background and additional information, see the paper.

VIDEO: "Converting Gas Guzzlers"

"Converting Gas Guzzlers:" a 1 minute and 45 second video explaining the reason we're working to launch a major effort to build awareness for the opportunity to convert large internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to run entirely or partially on electricity. We describe a strategy for how to have a rapid impact on two great challenges that result from our dependence on fossil fuels: reducing greenhouse gases and increasing energy security. We explain how we can't simply wait for new plug-in cars from automakers -- they won't and can't deliver quickly enough. Retrofits to the hundreds of millions of vehicles already on the road enable us to do something few yet think is possible or achievable. Thanks to Chris Baldwin and Sustainability Media.

Emerging Entrepreneurs and New Conversions Companies

Felix with Ali Emadi of IIT, Andy Grove and Andy Frank a Plugin2008 in San Jose, July 2008
At the July 2008 Plug-In2008 Conference, San Jose, CA:
After former Intel CEO Andy Grove gave his keynote address, calling for converting 10 million PSVs (Pickups, SUVs and Vans) in four years, he posed with Prof. Ali Emadi, founder of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies and his Ford F-150 PHEV conversion, CalCars Founder Felix Kramer and Prof. Andy Frank, founder of Efficient Drivetrains Inc. and his Chevy Equinox PHEV conversion. Photo: Mike Kahn/Green Stock Media; contact them to purchase photo.

Via Motors, Orem, Utah has developed a series PHEV powertrain for pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and other large vehicles that can be used in new "gliders" from carmakers and in late-model fleet vehicles. Nick Zielinski, Chief Engineer during the development of the Chevy Volt, is their Chief of Technology, and Bob Lutz, a driving force behind the Volt, is an advisor. The company's predecessor, Raser Technologies, converted a Hummer 3 with GM's cooperation in 2009 (see CalCars Photos: Groups & Converters).
View or download a larger image.

ALTe Powertrain Technologies, Bloomfield, MI: series PHEV and EV modular conversions for fleet vehicles; company co-founded by former Tesla team members has ambitious plans and many accomplishments. See company's Brochure and CalCars-News posting, ALTe Gains Orders/Financing/Facilities for Combustion Engine Conversions.

AMP Electric Vehicles, Cincinnati, Ohio, converting GM Equinox, Sky, Solstice to EVs.

Electric Motor Werks is a Palo Alto, California company focused on developing all-electric conversion solutions for entry/mid-luxury segment cars (BMW 3/5 series, Audi, Mercedes). Its mission is to dramatically accelerate adoption of electric car conversions and raise the image of the affordable AND fun electric car solutions. EMW is a vertically integrated manufacturer building its own controllers and charging systems. Its BMW 3-series conversion solution will be available to the public in the first quarter of 2012. (Shown is an early prototype.) The company will be pursuing partnerships as well as cooperation with individual converters.

Liberty Electric Cars, Oxford, UK, converting Range Rovers to EVs.

Wrightspeed, Silicon Valley, California, drive system for medium- to heavy-duty trucks.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Chicago, IL: prototype F-150 PHEV retrofit, scales to transit buses, etc. Founded by Dr. Ali Emadi, high-power electronics expert. Flyer on pickup truck conversion [pdf]

Motiv Power Systems, San Mateo, CA electric drivetrains for new and retrofit tucks and buses.

Efficient Drivetrains, Dixon, CA: Engineering services by company co-founded by Dr. Andrew Frank.

Bharat Forge Limited, and KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited, India, joint venture for ReVOLO parallel PHEV conversions.

EV Power Systems, Rock Hill, SC: Ssupplementary drivetrains for pickup trucks; company co-founded by John Dabels formerly from EV1 team.

Linc Volt, Wichita, KS and Woodside, CA: Linc Volt -- Neil Young's team, including Jonathan Goodwin's H-Line Conversions, is "Repowering the American Dream" starting with a Lincoln Continental.

ElectraDrive, San Jose, CA: Modular system to add electric power to multiple vehicle types. Transportation Winner, 2008 California Clean Tech Open

Zero Sports (more English info at ZeroSports-America), Japan: integrator selected by Japan Post to fully electrify 25% of its 22,000 gasoline-powered vehicles, with support of ITOCHU Corp, and batterymaker EnderDel, using Think Global's EV drive system.

Poulsen Hybrid, Shelton, CT: Wheel motors provide partial power for sedans.

Potential Difference, Las Vegas, NV: can convert an Accura TL luxury sport sedan to a 70-100-mile all-electric range luxury EV for $85,385 (70-mile electric range) or $99,385 (100-mile range), including $42,000 sticker price for vehicle. Specs at and photos at

Clean Vehicle Research Institute, Mexico City: 1,000 Nissans to become EV taxis.

Other small companies with programs in development include:

  • ConVerdant Vehicles, Concord, NH: multiple vehicle types to PHEV and EV;
  • HTC Racing, Whitman, MA: GM Explorer to EV.

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